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Carrie has partnered with me as my "brand guru" at three different companies. In our most recent work together, she helped us revitalize a great brand. But more importantly, she helped empower teams that felt a bit lost. She engaged with them, developing the understanding and filters they needed to make smart, brand-right decisions. One of my key leaders said, "...when we started working on the product guide, I had no idea how the guide would help me do my work, now...I have no idea how I did my work without the guide.

Mark Bryden | President | Lucy  


Brand Positioning  

Brand Foundation Development 

Consumer Profile + Brand Perception Research 

Retail Associate Research 

Brand Plan Development 

Creative Team Identification, Briefing + Concept Reviews 

Product Development Guide  

Brand Roll Out: Cultural Guide Development, Creative Team Working Sessions, Product Team Sessions 

Loyalty Program Development Advisor 

Creative Development Advisor 

Brick + Mortar Retail Experience Research 



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