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I recognized the critical role of the internal culture in creating a brand people loved from my own experiences working for Nordstrom, Unionbay Sportswear, and Ralph Lauren. Since then, I’ve learned that good brand management and good consulting are ultimately about the same thing: empowering others. As happy as I’d be to work on your brand, the reality is I am here to work with you and your team.   - Carrie



Brand Lab was launched in 2001 by Carrie Williams,

who was inspired by her own inside-out brand management experiences with manufacturers and retailers, including Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren. Today Brand Lab is an agile team of independent professionals that includes researchers, culturists, organizational development practitioners, strategists, business planners, merchandisers, product designers, creative directors, writers and designers. Our business model enables us to scale to an organization’s need with a trusted and seasoned team.


Our team members embrace working with internal departments

and other external partners. We're here to move people inside and outside the organization to act with a deeper understanding of brand and the role everyone plays creating a brand people trust, value

and love.

Brand is in everything

you do.

it's why we work from the inside out

1 Who you are and why you exist

We’ve worked with all kinds of organizations to get to the essence of who they are and why they exist so they grow on a foundation of clarity and purpose.


2 Who you serve

We’ve talked to tens of thousands of people to bring current and prospective audiences to life in ways that inspire teams and crystallize their focus.


3 How to grow

We distill trends, data, and insights to illuminate a path forward that is true and unique to a brand.


4 How to steward

We actively work with leadership and internal teams to create brand-driven organizations where people are empowered, inspired, and equipped to protect and nurture their brand in all they do.





We have deep lifestyle, retail, and social enterprise brand experience.
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Our teams explore the visual expression

of your brand in product, communication projects and/or experiential concepts. These explorations help people "see" and "feel" the brand in a way that words alone cannot and provide insights and imagery for brand guideline references.

And, we work with your project leads to craft inspiring briefs for external partners charged with brand projects or campaigns.


You can contact Carrie directly at:


mobile: 206 399 3614

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